What is Facebook Poke?

Have you ever been poked on Facebook and wondered what exactly does that mean? Well, in this article, you will look at the meaning of the Facebook poke. That just means so much more than we think.

When I go on Facebook, I see a small part of the screen saying that people stabbed. Facebook claims that can be used in pig in a poke "hello" to your friends. So I see this poke feature on Facebook as a way to make the friends say, "Hello, I am thinking of you and miss you."

So I think that poke feels pretty good.

After receiving a pig in a poke, you will have the option of poking back. This could be translated as a way of saying, "Thank you for thinking of me. I feel the same way."

However, it is just under the surface pig in a poke on Facebook, but if you dig deeper, you may find that a Facebook poke is much more.

this was the case with my friend Bob.

Bob recently asked: "Richard, what does it mean to you to poke on Facebook"

said, "this is an acknowledgment, a friendly greeting."

claimed that sometimes it can mean much more, and began to tell.

long ago, Bob was good friends with a girl named Alexandra. Alexandra and Bob often took their relationship into a friendship level, but never changed a full blown relationship. So after a while, Alexandra met someone and eventually marry this man and asked Bob to the wedding.

Once this happens when people lead different lives, Bob and Alexandra stopped regularly communicate with each other pretty quickly and then not at all. In fact, they went five years without really talking to each other at all. Facebook

And then, Bob received Alexandra poke out of the blue. After failing to communicate, for five years, Alexandra suddenly initiated communication.

Bob wondered about the sudden Facebook poke. Is this a receipt, or there was something else, the story only?

Well, it turns out, Bob checked after Alexandra Facebook profile, he is one again. Bob decided to poke her back and see where things lead.

In the end, Bob and Alexandra began dating, and now plans to marry each other.

Thus, while Facebook POKE often only a confirmation, sometimes they say a whole lot more!

Source by Richard Mas

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