How to recognize a fake Facebook profile

Facebook is one of the largest social networking website in the history of the Internet. But as big a problem for both Facebook and users that use it. As the number of Facebook users go there is increasing risk involving several fake profiles of Facebook users.

Yes, these fake profiles, which are a real nuisance profiles. Maybe the stranger might not know them, but they are still friends list. I still believe that the profiles. They are real ?? The big question now revolves around one day. As per Facebook more than 500 million active Facebook users. How many of them are fake as yet unknown. The fake I mean, how can the profiles is embarrassing to others.

So I researched it and there are 5 different ways to identify a fake Facebook profile to your friends list or it can be just harassing you.

1. List of Friends of the fake profile.

out from the friend list. Yes, it can give you a clue. If you have more than a thousand friends, is the time to lift the doubts. Yes, a man with a more than a thousand friends, but not a lot, see a list of your friends, you can just touch around 1K. But after about 4k-5k own list of friends is just hard to accept. How can a nearly 4000 -5000 friends ??

For example, suppose you get a friend request from a girl or boy ( opposite gender … so, you can start blushing ). Check out the current list of such requests, friendly profile. Just look at the number of his / her friends and really who they are? If the profile is more number of friends of the opposite sex, rather than on their own. It might be a fake.

2. Check the activities that the profiles.

Yes, of their activities. This may be more important. Usually, the spam profile might just create a Facebook profile is your email address, and you may not want to complete the profile and just start sending friend requests and applications for you. This might at some point be embarrassed. Whether a person is just flooded with e-mails and notifications too many applications the application, which does not want to use it.

Their activities also say that the person on the other side, who have just added true or false. Look into like and info. it also gives a hint that this person is active or not, and is not just a spammer for you.

3. Pictures and Videos.

Can I upload all the stuff on Facebook, or your pictures or videos to and share with your friends. To detect a fake profile, watch his / her photos and videos. Also, look at the photos that others in his friends list is labeled that the person in the picture. This will also give you a hint.

This person may (if your friends list him / her) up to tag you in a picture that contains explicit sexual material, and may cause confusion as it will be seen on the wall, and most of your friends watch.

Remove the label and delete the first person immediately. It is necessary to report / disable Facebook to tell about it. Maybe the report / block contact his / her profile.

4. Look at links, which are updated or share.

Facebook as women become large spam-book . The Lost spam, flood and notification emails, sometimes it just feels weird to watch them all, and just believe in them.

Some spam were like "Get a T-shirt Facebook". or "Pay so much to keep the amount of active Facebook account." Beware those are just the big spammed . Maybe if an external connection and might even cause damage to your desktop or device.

spam to spread Facebook chat . Yes, I can tell you that download the software for video-calls and end up downloading a virus attack and get in the system and the browser and even Facebook account .

Check the profile of who the flood e-mail and notice of such spam. Remove that person immediately.

5. POKE him / her.

Yes, this can be funny idea, but it is also working to find out a fake or not. As I mentioned in the first point of control / friends. Poke. If he / she is poking back, toss again. It is also a message for him / her.Usually spammer does not feel the need to reply to all messages received or shove.

The main goal is to just spam. So you can look at this step, and you will learn that the person on the other side of the true or false.

comments below if this type of spammers or fake profiles, friends lists, and also how he got rid of them. You can share your thoughts and write a review for the abovementioned steps, if followed.

Source by Anish Sharma

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