How Did Facebook so popular?

Have you heard of Facebook?

By now, you're probably familiar with the popular social networking site called Facebook.

According to the Wikipedia, Facebook has over 19 million registered users across 47,000 regional, work, college or high school network.

I was skeptical at first

At first I was very reluctant to embrace the Facebook phenomenon. However, my friends kept asking me, "Hey, Vincent van on Facebook?" … "You still join Facebook," "you need to visit the Facebook." This went on for weeks.

invitation settings Surprisingly, when I checked the Hotmail account, I received dozens of friends among them Andre, David, Trisha, Renee and Kevin

I wonder how Facebook has become so popular, so quickly ?

Finally, I decided to visit a website called Facebook. Once and for all, I wanted to discover why Facebook is so popular. He wanted to know how you managed to earn several million members in just a few short months? How do they become so big, so fast? They had to know the truth. I wanted to know the secret!

Facebook Secret Exposed

Apart from being an easy to navigate layout, the ability to keep tabs on friends, great content, and the incredible search capabilities, Facebook utilizing one of the strongest marketing strategies ever conceived.

This is so simple, yet extremely powerful.

Once the account is created, I immediately clicked the friends tab. I noticed a drop-down menu for more options, including Invite Friends. Once clicked, I was taken to a page that allowed you to import email addresses from my Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and Gmail.

I was greeted by the following message:

"Enter your e-mail login information below and Facebook will securely import your contacts

the address book. "

I am simply enter your email address and password, and instantly all 78 of my Hotmail contacts appeared in front of me. A push of a button, I was able to invite my contacts to join Facebook.

quickly realized the power of this after applying this tool to immediately call all 78 of my Hotmail contacts; I soon realized the power of this app! What it was the biggest for me that was how easy it is to import, and calls upon the relationship. Unlike traditional tell-a-friend forms, only I had a few seconds to call the 78 people use the Facebook PHP address book importer.

implementation of a viral marketing strategy, Facebook has become one of the most popular websites.

5 Reasons Why the traditional Tell-A-Friend Forms are out of date!

  • They forced the visitors to manually enter e-mail addresses.
  • Visitors can also enter the email address by hand next to his name.
  • Most forms only about 10 input field. Do not forget that the average person more than 100 Web-based e-mail contacts . Why limit yourself?
  • People are lazy. Nobody wants to sit and put dozens of e-mail addresses in the form!
  • subscription fee in

  • progress.

Once the decision to upgrade to PHP address book importer. You have to perform a variety of marketing strategies to maximize your success. In other words, if you are installing such a scenario is not good enough.

3 Marketing Strategies You should be able to Explode Your Online Business

Strategy # 1: encourage visitors!

Let's get real. We live in a very selfish world. I am sure that you have a fabulous site. However, no one is going to tell his friends about it without asking the following question what's in it for me? You will be surprised what people do not, if you provide the right incentives! Offers Free Giveaways can be a good starting point.

Strategy # 2: Do not hide your Tell-A-Friend link

hiding in the link is a huge mistake. This is very frustrating for me. Most webmasters place the tell-a-friend link at the bottom of their site. Place some remote areas of the website and wondering why nobody uses.

You must specify tell a friend contact on the main navigation for your website. For example, most websites will be " us" " Contact Us " " products " to the main navigation. The tell-a-friend link can be added to that primary navigation website.

Strategy # 3: It's all in the name of

I have an idea. Instead of boring the same link address, "says a friend:" Why do not you say "Free iPod" "Free Coupon", "Free E-Book" As a result, visitors to actually click on the link. At this point, you can provide the details of competition / instructions.

Viral marketing is not a fad or a gimmick. This is a real marketing strategy that will increase the profitability of your business. Adding PHP address book importer to the armory immediately so that your visitors an easy way to invite others to your website.

Facebook has been taking advantage of the new technology, you should not?

Source by Vincent Newton

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